Costume Design

Barbara specialised in costume design with Trinity College Dublin. She has worked on a wide range of shows internationally including 'Punchline' by Chatterbag Theatre Company for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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Costume Supervisor

Barbara has a wealth of experience as a Costume Supervisor both home in Ireland and internationally including 'Riverdance' (international tour) and 'Moll' (Gaiety theatre, Dublin)

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Upcoming Shows

Barbara is currently working on a number of shows and will update her projects page as fast as possible with some exciting pictures!

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Barabara Mc Carthy

Barbara Mc Carthy is a freelance costume designer and costume supervisor based in Dublin. A graduate from Drama and Theatre Studies in Trinity College Dublin, Barbara specialised in costume design and construction. She has worked extensively internationally, touring Australia, New Zealand, India, Argentina, Brazil, USA, Canada, Europe, Ireland, Scotland and China.

Barbara is particularly interested in movement with costume and how it affects a live performer. A costume should be comfortable, fit well, but also contribute directly to the movement of the body and help enhance the experience of the performer and the audience.

One of my recent projects


New York City, 1999 – A young man fleeing Dublin crash lands on the couch of his Irish American cousin, just as this older cousin’s relationship with his girlfriend is imploding. Over the summer, the three cling to the last vestiges of the dying club scene and flirt with smalltime criminality as storm clouds gather.

“Sound is by Denis Clohessy, with lighting by Sarah-Jane Shiels, and costumes that feel authentically US by Barbara Mc Carthy”


Written by Gary Duggan and directed by Aoife Spillane-Hinks, the costume design of RUN / DON’T RUN focuses on story-telling. The set is minimal, so the costumes are used to signify the period and cultural status of the 3 characters. 3 different ethnicities and 3 different paths followed by each character throughout the play allows for an exciting design that informs the viewer of the story unfolding.